Magnet Solution

Know Us

Magnet Solutions was incorporated in 2014 and is one of the fastest growing HR OUTSOURCING ORGANISATION. It is promoted by a set of professionals from the industry having domain expertise of the subject and with plenty of potential to build careers.

Magnet Solutions offers a wide range of specialized, multi disciplinary professional services that meet the immediate as well as long term needs of businesses.

We focused on providing value added services aimed at creating a strong competitive advantage for our clients in a rapidly changing market place. In this endeavour, we are greatly helped by our access to knowledge database and ability to leverage on the professional expertise and resources.

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals comprising of HR Professionals, legal professionals is equipped with the requisite business and technical skills, experience and knowledge base to deliver customized solutions to our clients. With their respective competencies, our professionals are capable of developing the required competitive advantage and sustainable value for a wide range of businesses.

Magnet Solutions is one of the fastest growing HR Outsourcing organization catering to host of industries like; Information Technology,, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG & Consumer Durables, etc.



Our mission is to provide highest quality consulting and outsourcing services, with a dedicated focus on client servicing.


Short - Term:
  • To become a national brand as the fastest growing business solution provider.
  • Set world-class processes to procure resources for the clients and offer our clients the optimum solution.

Short - Term:
  • To be known as leaders in consulting arena, leading the market dynamics and competing in the global market.


India Inc. is reinventing itself and has accepted the dynamic global performance benchmarks in the domestic markets. Indian companies are finding it hard to compete with the MNCs in the domestic markets on grounds of Quality vis-à-vis Profitability. Indian conglomerates have adopted international standards but at the same time playing on the home turf has become a virtual nightmare for them. Retaining talent such that the processes of the business should not be hampered is consuming a lot of their time, not allowing them to focus on their core business function.

However, Indian companies have now realized the importance of outsourcing and are now exploring possibilities of outsourcing their functions to the domestic players in the markets. They are now looking for partnering with experts so that the experts manage their non-core business function.

With the markets getting competitive, the world is seeing India as the back office. Most business processes are being outsourced to India, ranging from IT to ITES. HR process is now being seen as an upcoming business process that is now being outsourced to the third party. This is a growing business opportunity for countries like India, primarily because seamless HR is possible using technology as the support function and understanding of region specific HR verticals. India has mastered in both of these and can now offer services to the global conglomerates.

Our clear objective is to offer our services in HR outsourcing business catering to the domestic and international markets. We wish to partner with your organization to provide you with the total HR solution by way of either implementing new technological solution as a support function or calibrate our processes to your organizationâs specific needs.


The business landscape has been fundamentally altered by factors such as globalization, liberalization and deregulation coupled with radical innovations and improvements in communication networks and in information technology. In this new economy, business needs advisors capable of offering of broad range of innovative and cost effective solutions and Magnet Solutions., with its wide range of service offerings and capabilities, is fully geared to cater to these requirements. These services offering have been developed after a detailed understanding and shared knowledge industries, laws and regulations.

Magnet Solutions offers a range of services in the following areas:
  • Talent Search.
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing.
  • Education Process Outsourcing.
  • Human Resource Process Outsourcing.

Our Recruitment Process

We pride ourselves on a 6-step process that assures clientâs success and best fit.
  • Clientâs Needs Identification and Assessment.
  • Position Specification.
  • Research and Candidate Identification.
  • Candidate Interview and Evaluation.
  • Clientâs Selection of Candidates
  • Clientâs Satisfaction and Delight.

Our Insight

Magnet Solutions invest significant time to gain a thorough understanding of our clientâs culture, values, competitors, strategy and value proposition. Our knowledge commitment and entrepreneurial skills will definitely exceed clientâs expectations.